Sales Policy

All of our bunnies are happy, Healthy and Clean. We guarantee bunnies for 7 days after they leave our rabbitry. Our bunnies live in a heated and cooled environment. Please be mindful of this they will need to be acclimated to any other conditions. If you place a deposit on a bunny and change your mind we will not offer a refund. If we feel for any reason that it’s not the right fit for our bunny we reserve the right to cancel the sale at any time we will refund deposit in full. If something should happen to the bunny while in our care we will transfer deposit to another bunny or offer a full refund. Bunnies will not be transferred to new home until 8 wks old minimum. Please be sure you have done your research before you buy a bunny you could possibly be caring for bunny for up to 10 years. We strongly recommend spaying or neutering your pet bunny. It truly will make your pet bunny a much better pet. If at any time your unable to care for your bunny Blewett Buns reserves the right to be notified first. We will work with you to rehome them or take them back.

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