Our Keepers

Blewett Buns will maintain a Pure American MPL line which will include VC colors. A chocolate based clean import line so no VC. A beautiful, blended line which we feel can bring the best of both worlds forward.

Sweet Huckleberry Farm
Our pure import buck
Malvina Lake lines for Luxembourg.
He is an incredible buck with amazing type. He has most loving personality. Who doesn’t love Cadbury chocolate

Jumping Beans Snoopy
Broken sable magpie buck
He comes from the original America lines. He offers incredible type, fur and personality. With his color genetics he offers some of the most color variations possible.

Rainiers Blue Horizon
Blue point smoked Pearl doe
An incredibly sweet doe with amazing fur. Sweetest mom as well.

Sweet Huckleberry Farm
Our pure import doe from Malvina Lake line from Luxembourg. Silk is sweet and beautiful as they come. She is the best mom with wonderful type

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